Bananian and Netatalk

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Hi to all,

I tried to install Netatalk 2.2.5-1+b1 on banania.
After all is setup and done i restarted Netatalk.

And it says:
..Starting Netatalk services (this will take a while): socket: Address family not supported by protocol
socket: Address family not supported by protocol
atalkd: can't get interfaces, exiting.

It´ll use ATALK and PAP because of my old LaserWriter.

On a Raspi with raspian everything works perfekt.
So, what is going on on Bananian

Hope for help

btw does the kernel has no Appletalk support?
sudo modprobe appletalk -> modprobe: FATAL: Module appletalk not found.
sudo uname -mr -> 3.4.104-bananian armv7l

the Kernel does not support Appletalk.
Could someone add the appletalk.ko module to the Jessie kernel?

Thanks in advance

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Hi everybody,

I compiled an AppleTalk Kernel with lemakers Board Support Package.
It compiled whitout any Error!
I installed it and did a nbplkup. Thats what it says:

bananapi:netatalk                           65280.79:4
bananapi:Workstation                        65280.79:4

...thats all, no Printer or Bridge.

On the Raspian Raspi nbplkup outputs:

raspberrypi:netatalk                           65280.18:4
raspberrypi:Workstation                        65280.18:4
AsantéPrint 12345678:Asant?Print                        65280.175:252
Frodo: LaserWriter                        65280.18:128

that is what it must look like.

Maybe a Ethernet problem? or GMAC driver?
i don´t know.


After spending to much time to get Netatalk working on that Thing i`ll give up.

10 Min. ago i take this chinese crap to were it belong. The Trash.

No more posts from me in this forum.

Good luck to all wasting their time also.


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I have the same problem: I want to set up an AppleTalk server using Banana PI for my LaserWriter 4/600 PS and old Mac OS versions running in emulators. I'm trying to sort things out before I buy any hardware.

So I just read in a different forum that the ethernet port of the Banana PI does not work with AppleTalk. But using a USB to ethernet adapter does the trick.
This was posted in May, so about two month after you wrote your posts.

Actually I know nothing about compiling. Do you still have your kernel with AppleTalk (or, if I may ask for that, even an image of your setup with netatalk installed you could provide for download)?

EDIT: I probably won't need the kernel or an image. I've just tested A2SERVER in a VM and it works as AppleTalk server (DDP and IP) out-of-the-box. I only need to configure it to share the LaserWriter via cups or AppleTalk over IP. Hopefully it will keep the configuration and doesn't reset it to standard values (like OpenMediaVault does).
A2SERVER can run on a Raspberry PI.

I've written a detailed guide on how to set up a Banana Pi with AppleTalk (incl. how to compile Armbian with AppleTalk): ... rver_macos_and_OS X

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