Banana pi R1 Reset button

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Hello everyone,

I working on a project with bp-r1. I want to press reset button wait 7 second and after release reset button start something in linux box. I googled some data and i  found acpid but not find any specific wait time info anywhere. If this possible to get work how do i do this.

Thanks for any help.
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ARM is not intel x86

ARM has no BIOS = no ACPI

instead it has a:

==== Device Tree ====

Device Tree Source (DTS)
.dts files for board-level definitions
.dtsi files for included files, generally containing SoC-level definitions

Device Tree Compiler (DTC)
compiles the source into a binary form

Device Tree Blob (DTB)
the compiled product

In order to know how to control the button you should know where it is electrically connected.
Here you find the schematic.
An easier approach may be to use the GPI/O Pins you find this information here, this way you can add an additional button /switch to your R1.

Let us know about your progress


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