MIPI max. display resolution

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anybody knows the maximum resolution of a MIPI DSI - Display on a lemaker guitar?
The processors (actions s500) datasheet says that the lcd controller can handle 1920x1080 but under MIPI DSI it says only WVGA (800x480) is supported. Does that mean I can connect higher resolutions only via lvds? Because newer displays especialy with higher resolutions seem to have MIPI interface most of the time.

BR, Clemens

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Sorry, We have just consulted with the Actions about the maximum resolution of s500 MIPI DSI, and it can support 1080P.  However, If you want to use the MIPI DSI interface, you have to design new base board for the LeMaker Guitar, because the LeMaker Guitar Base Board Rev.B only support the LVDS interface for the LCD.

Ok, thank you.

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