Banana Pi Pro NAS with UPS

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Hi there,

I am planning to build a NAS server for my home. The two keypoints are that I want to

1. Hide it behind a painting on a wall
2. It has to be powered by just one power cable (obviously)

So here is the list of hardware I want to buy:

There are still problems that I am coping with. First of all, the power supply is a fake product that I found on some chinese marketplace website. I cannot find anything comparable anywhere. What I need is something that outputs 12V and 5V and is also connected to a capacitor of some sort that supplies the whole system with power in emergency cases.

What would be even cooler, when the Banana Pi would have a way to recognize the power outtage, because then it could shut itself down.

The HDD I plan on buying is a 3.5" drive, so it needs a bit more power than just a 2.5" drive.

Is it possible to solve these issues? Do you think there will be a problem with ventilation? The painting is 4 cm steep, so there is enough room at least for hard drive and Banana Pi

Thanks for your input!
ok I am just noticing that the chinese UPS device has a switchable 5V/12V output. it is not possible to output 5V for the Banana AND 12V for the drive....ah well

just found this: ... 1053E/dp/B00JEYRKTM

this would power the hard drive and I could plug the banana pi into the USB

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that HDD bay will not work, since Banana Pro does not support USB 3.0 and reading/writing speeds will not be sufficient. instead, I will go with this solution:
http://raspberrypi.stackexchange ... ering-a-pi-from-12v

a big thanks to the forum! without you, I could not have solved this problem!

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