Google supports HiKey(LeMaker Version)

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Google supports HiKey(LeMaker Version)

Google supports HiKey, a certified 96Board, as an Android reference board. AOSP(Android Open Source Project ) provides kernel source and board support for HiKey to enable developers to easily create and debug new and existing peripheral drivers, do kernel development, and perform other tasks with fewer OEM encumbrances.

You can also create builds for the HiKey Android reference board (described below). Reference boards are designed to help non-Nexus component vendors develop and port drivers to Android releases. Using a reference board can ease upgrade efforts, reduce time-to-market for new Android devices, lower device costs by enabling ODM/OEMs to choose from a wider range of compatible components, and increase the speed of innovation among component suppliers.




Such on-site support services are very good and very convenient. Thank you for providing information about this service.vex 3

Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have so provided here  Bonkio

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