Lemaker Guitar LCD supports /../../.. ?!

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Why LemakerGuitar Rev.B supports just LVDS-DSI interface and the micro som has three LCDs intrface selection MIPI / LVDS / RGB ?!!
The S500 can support LVDS and RGB, but on base board rev.b, we only pin out the lvds pins.
Because some other customers design a different base board that pin out the rgb pins, so we need selection for different display interface on the lemaker guitar core board.

I Dont understand ur choice but it should be support both lvds and rgb,anyway thats not problem because of your package that include lcd '7 touch but there is other ppl needs to use bigger or other manufacture screens so i hope you support mipi/lvds/rgb for ur board its good choice for every customer since it has universal software and hardware integrity Best salutation for you, devellopers and all lemaker team

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