Boot BananaPi-M2 from external HDD/SDD

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Edited by shanevanj at Mar 15, 2016 23:56

I have tried to research this issue all over this forum - if there is something I missed, can someone send me a topic link - I would really appreciate it!

I would like to boot bananian (latest 15.08) from an external HDD/SDD - I know that inital boot must come from the SD card and normally (on a Raspberry Pi for example), you edit the cmdline.txt file and chage the root mount to point to /dev/sda1 etc. Based on the method Bananian uses I cannot seem to find a way to make this work.
My application is to have a Nagios monitoring server on this M2 - as its a quad core, it works really well for monitoring a small remote office network. There are lots of log and data files produced and this will destroy the SD card fairly quickly and there is also not that much free space on the card.

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