External antenna for bluetooth and wifi.

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I want to use an external antenna for bluetooth and wifi.
In the photos I noticed the board space for soldering the connector similar to this:

What are the necessary improvements to use external antenna?

I'm wanting to do the same. Looking at the schematic, it doesn't seem like that capacitor connecting the external antenna is loaded either. I assume you also have to de-solder C1910 and solder it onto C1911 (i.e. bypass the chip antenna and balancing circuit).

Did you do this?

If you are using an external antenna for wifi and Bluetooth, there are many advantages fo this. You can use separately so that you will get the connection easily. So star using separate antennas for the Bluetooth an wifi. you can also connect the devices by using one antenna. buy tablets online

[size=10.6667px]I don’t think any external antenna is required for Bluetooth and wifi. Due to the development of new technologies, wireless services have been introduced. Use of wireless devices is very helpful for the people as it will be easily portable. chrome constantly crashing

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Is it possible to connect the wifi and blue tooth with an external antenna as I have heard of this for the first time? After reading the details I am also interested in this. I think it will help people to use internet easier than ever. more helpful hints

Since I was looking for an external antenna for bluetooth and wifi, this piece of information is very useful for me. I would like to buy this so please update its price and availability. Hope you will update it as soon as possible. cable internet providers near me

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