Bananian v15.04 & v15.08 not working with OTG USB keyboard

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I have two Banana Pi's one running Bananian v15.04 the other v15.08. Neither will recognise a standard USB keyboard connected through an OTG USB cable. I've tried multiple keyboards. The same keyboard + cable connected to a Windows tablet works fine. I've also tried putting a USB hub on the OTG cable since I read about someone that solved their problems with a USB hub.

I read this post which contains a dead link to and seems to be for folks building their own kernels.

Can someone help me get a USB keyboard working with the standard Bananian distribution?

Follow up: I've just seen that the Bananian features page explicitly states 'USB OTG host mode disabled'.

Is it something that can be enabled trivially or does it require a custom kernel build?

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