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I'm using the Debian build from https://builds.96boards.org/releases/hikey/linaro/debian/15.11. The notes on that page say "The Linaro HiSilicon Landing Team is pleased to announce the new release of the Linaro Linux release for HiKey. The Linaro Linux 15.11 release is a Debian-based Linaro Build ..." and state that the build includes;
  • "Support for OpenGL ES."
  • "Embedded Mali450-MP4 GPU, supporting 3D graphics processing, OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0."
So apparently the build is built by or in cooperation with Linaro, is intended for this board, and supports the GPU and OpenGLS. That being so it seems like it should be able to drive the graphics reasonably well.

Leaving aside the performance - covered in another thread - there are three issues that I'd like to raise;

  • The display does not come back correctly after the power management has put it to sleep. (Turning off "Handle display power management" in the Xfce Power Manager seems to fix this.)
  • At 1920x1200, the maximum resolution for the board the display eventually corrupts. The only solution I've found so far is to boot without HDM attached and then connect it, forcing the GPU to a resolution of 1280x720 as per http://wiki.lemaker.org/HiKey%28LeMaker_version%29:HDMI. This has worked without problems so far.
  • Pressing the AltGr-PrtScr-g key sequence is supposed to cycle the GPU through it's avaliable resolutions as per http://wiki.lemaker.org/HiKey%28LeMaker_version%29:HDMI. In practice this causes the monitor to blank and not recover.

(I'm using a Samsung S24C450 monitor with an HDMI to DVI-I cable.)

I'm happy to use the 1280x720 resolution with power management disabled as this seems to work fine. How do I modify the /etc files to tell the distro to use only that mode?


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