Bananapi Pro LCD 7" going black after 15 minutes

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Edited by Camboo69 at Apr 12, 2016 01:41

Hello Guys,

i bought myself a LCD Mopdule for the Bananapi Pro and got it working.
The only problem that i face is that the display turns off after 15 minutes and can't turn it back on with using the touchscreen.
The only way to turn it back on is by using a keyboard, a mouse, or pressing a button on the board itself.

But this will not work for me because i am not able to operate the Bananapi with a mouse or keyboard.

What i tried:
  • xset -dpms; xset s off
  • installing a seperate screensaver, which did not work because it cant find a X session

nothing worked.

The Display Manager i use is LightDM.

I hope you guys have any suggestions

~ Camboo69 ~
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