Add module driver for OV5647 to kernel

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Hi all,
i have a BananaPro and my friend gave me a RPi Picamera and i want to use it on my board.
So i connect it (the connector of BPro is larger than RPi connector but seems compatible) and i followed the guide for Banana Camera but it doesn't work. The camera modules are different and i'm surprised that Bananian, that derives from Sunxi Linux, does not have compiled kernel module for this camera.
The camera sensor is OmniVision OV5647 and it seems that only OV5640 is supported.
I found the driver module on Sunxi website so my question is that...can i load this module without recompile the kernel? And if it isn't possible, how can i add the module to the kernel and recompile it?

It is strange that Bananian kernel does not have OV5647 module because Sunxi officially support it ==>

I'm using Bananian 15.08 with kernel version 3.4.108

Thanks to all!
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