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Hello everybody,

I updated from my 3.4.104+ bananian with a custom kernel (to make my CT2-4400 DVB-C stick work) to bananian 15.08 using kernel 4.1.5. Apparently the driver (DVB_USB_DVBSKY) is compiled into the kernel as no kernel module for the stick gets loaded. The stick worked without any hassle with tvheadend but I experience green artifacts and audio cracks which I don't have with the 3.4 kernel. At the time I had to patch the V4L driver to fix an issue with the TS stream. Now I wanted to check if in the 4.1.5 kernel this fix is applied. Can someone please tell me where I can find the code which was used for the 4.1.5 kernel?

Thanks a lot!
Sources for kernel 4.x come from, but you rather recompile new kernel, 4.1.5 is little outdated. Check / go for 4.4.x or even 4.5.x

Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try hoping that my issue will magically disappear ;-)

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You could also try the new Bananian 16.04 release (Debian Jessie).

On Bananian 16.04 just install the kernel metapackage “linux-image-4.4-bananian” to get the latest mainline 4.4.x kernel.
  1. apt-get install linux-image-4.4-bananian
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Reboot the system it will automatically boot the new version if installed. Currently kernel version: 4.4.7.

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