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Resize screen Resolution on Banana Pi (Raspbian OS)

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Hello everyone, I've checked out a bunch of forums about resizing the scren resolution and changing the uEnv.txt disp details. But still no change.I need help as I can't use any of the programs using the small screen. Also my wifi dongle doesnt seem to catch internet. Any views on how I can set that up as well?
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For the wifi dongle:

verify if the wifi driver is loaded:
  1. iwconfig
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  1. dmesg | grep wifi
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If iwconfig return "no wifi card availeable" you have a problem with the driver then try to check what driver you need:
  1. lsusb
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If you have wlan0 or wlan1 in the list you can check the config file. Watch this for some help:
http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... 7265&extra=page%3D4

For resolution you can watch here:


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