RAID5 40TB NAS possible?

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Hello guys,

i have an ideia in my mind but not quite sure if it is possible or if possible will perform well. The idea:

- 6 x 8TB HDD (i will no use the sata as most of people do. i am going to use usb expanders connected to the usb ports and then usb to sata cable to connect each usb port to sata of the disk. Or even maybe just ready to go external HDD. Speed is of no great concern so i will use usb ports of the banana pi as long as i can get 15mb/sec i am fine)
- software RAID5 turning the 48TB into 40TB

So is this possible and will the raid perform well? Will the cpu/ram be enough to opreate raid of this size? Which banana pi model would be optimal? Thank you

Do you imply that the banana does not have enough hardware to handle this?

It should be able to handle it, but with newer SBC there are some advantages like nand flash memory, more processing cores and USB 3.0, and dedicated support from Lemaker as well.

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