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On the Internet often I face messages that having played enough with banana pi/pro most often do nas, torrentbox or house web server of him.
Why not to make a payment for domanshny NAS/DLNA/Share/web server?
LeMaker Cello without PCIe but with big quantity of SATA.

Excuse but my knowledge of English aren't sufficient it is necessary to use online translate.
Sry, not sure of what you mean, it is not clear...

Yes, That's a good idea!

actkk2000 replied at May 16, 2016 06:46
Sry, not sure of what you mean, it is not clear...

Banana Pi/Pro to buy, not only the developers soft for the ARM, but also lovers to do with my hands and head. Most often I've seen articles from such people. And how after implementing a couple of projects with banana Pi/Pro did them or from a NASserver or/and DLNAserver or/and Shareserver or/and web server. As a rule it is the presence of SATA and determines the further fate of the Banana Pi/Pro in property buyers.

I have personally organized a home server with DLNA on AMD A-5300 HDD and 8 distributing content to home users but no more than 3 consumers at the same time. The processor has excess capacity and is all that much space despite the fact that the motherboard format MicroATX, also with the cooling of chipsets from AMD in the standard solutions from the manufacturers of motherboards have a problem which often result in a fatal error.
So I personally would like to have the opportunity to buy inexpensive ARM server with a large number of SATA.
Any ideas for the site of distribution of content which requires quite a lot of space - photos and videos from sporting events (one sata and not enough multiplier not supported) and not large processor requirements, the impact no more than 100 mbit/s.
Personally, I bought a Banana pro only for torent-box.

Very often seen article with the review of the Banana Pi/Pro where after
various tests with different operating systems, the fate of the equipment was home-IP PBX, NAS, Share, web server.

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Not sure how much it is a good idea but I think that you could compete in the market products ready-made solutions (NAS SATA with quantity of 4 or more) manufacturers D-Link, QNAP, Seagate, Synology, WD. The price of these ready-made solutions starts from 600$ however, the performance is just terrible even with all the optimizations from manufacturers.
If you are at least to the Banana Pi/Pro has added an additional Sata controller (4 SATA and more), it would have been a great platform for NAS SOH class, Good raid too much increase in the price of your product and think it is better to do optional. Should discuss this with buyers of your products.

Ready-made software solution is already there - openmediavault. Only it should be finished, I had a lot of errors due to which I refused OMV. Unfortunately Nas4Free is not yet assembled for Banana Pi/Pro.

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