LeMaker Guitar, like blade servers

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Do you plan to release the Board to install multiple LeMaker Guitar, like blade servers?
This inexpensive home version of the cluster from the manufacturer for Geeks.
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Yes, LeMaker Team has completed the design of LeMaker Guitar Rev.D. But it is not for sale yet. And I want to know how manay pieces you need?

john.wen replied at May 22, 2016 19:52
Yes, LeMaker Team has completed the design of LeMaker Guitar Rev.D. But it is not for sale yet. And  ...

Since this device is more focused on the SOHO segment that plays an important role here the question of price. "Home" offices will not be interested in this equipment since a long time wakes up to missing a ready solution to meet their needs and in mind the reluctance of system administrators to try something new, it is easier to justify to the employer of buying one expensive but powerful hardware, and less hassle with bugs.

The domain controller
Internet access Gateway
Server antivirus
Storing the information in single database on the server
File server
The ability to operate software in multiplayer mode
Print server
Video surveillance server
Server redundancy
FTP server
The WEB server
and as Bender said in Futurama "Yeah, well, I'm gonna go build my own theme park, with blackjack and hookers"

Features for mini server of the roof, and not all functions can handle LeMaker Guitar at the proper level, and some may not cope.
But the ability to develop modules for specific tasks (with Guitar hardware accelerators or system requirements for specific tasks) and set one Base Board is a good idea which can convey to the consumer.
And here need a ready-made software solutions with centralized management (System administrators are very lazy people).

Not unimportant question of the connection of various devices and storage media to which access is needed not just individual modules but also the group of modules.

I think you should choose option in which the Base Board can be connected number of modules for executing those functions which can handle LeMaker Guitar + 1 for the future.

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higuma replied at May 23, 2016 13:18
Since this device is more focused on the SOHO segment that plays an important role here the questi ...

You really shouldn't be using this as a server. You also know that the software support on this is almost nothing. When you face a error, the support on the fourm from the people working @ lemaker is horrible. The interval between system updates is really long(fixing critical bugs takes months). You should consider a commercially available unit or just get a normal PC running a up to date OS(Windows Server,Linux,etc.).

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