just ordered 2 Banana Pro, only red led turns on

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I only get a solid red light comes on, tired to connect via serial/UART w/ 9600 8n1 settings and get no output via putty for serial. Both are behaving this way, i have tried 5v/3amp and 5v/2.5 amp power sources, as well as the OTG port connected to my usb30 port on my laptop. Only thing that does happen is when I connect OTG to computer USB port, it tries to install drivers.

They were from the kit on amazon, so everything came with it. I tried other SD cards from my rasberry PI as well and same result.

I paid almost 200 for these devices, please help?
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According to this:
Q28: Why does not my Banana Pi boot?
A28: If your Banana Pi does not boot and you see No Signal message on the monitor check for LED indicators on the board. If only red LED is on and you do not see the green LED after flashing the SD card, there might be two cases:
1) The SD card was not burnt/written properly, 2) The power supply does not supply enough current.

You should follow these instructions for starters:
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