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ap6210 troubles (Gentoo)

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I recently obtained a Banana Pro and am currently trying to setup the wifi, but have run into some trouble.  My method has been to grab the boot partition stuff from Lemaker, but unpack an official Gentoo Arm Stage 3 onto the root partition (I took the kernel modules etc from the LeMaker image and added them to my install, and the firmware from a post on this forum).  I've installed distcc, wpa-supplicant, wireless-tools and a system-logger + run a world update and am now trying to get the wi-fi working.  After adding ap6210 to /etc/conf.d/modules I get the following in my syslog   
[ap6210] Final fw_path=/lib/firmware/ap6210/fw_bcm40181a2.bin
[ap6210] Final nv_path=/lib/firmware/nvram_ap6210.txt
[ap6210] download firmware /lib/firmware/ap6210/fw_bcm40181a2.bin
[ap6210] _dhdsdio_download_firmware: dongle image file download failed
I do have the 2 files in the locations specified.  Does anyone have any idea why they won't load?
Fixed!  The trick is that the firmware consists of 5 files not 2!  After I added the missing 3 files it sprang into life.  (You can extract the files from a Bananian image or the like)

Yes, well done!!!

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