Use Android eMMC and SD card as a second storage unit

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Hi everyone, it's me again.

I recently noticed that Android is installed when you receive a Lemaker on its eMMC - which is fine.

But I want to add another storage unit - on the SD Card. Is it possible ?

Thank you.


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First of all, you can have either Linux or Android installed on any of the eMMC or SD storages.
If you mean you need SD as an storage to be available for Android, You just need to format the SD and insert it in the Guitar then the Android will now it as an external SD storage to place your media or files.

You also can boot your android from SD. However, the LeMaker SD image which they released is not working because they mistakenly copied the eMMc image and you cannot use it to write and boot from SD.
As I am not a fan of their Andoid release , I didn't even bother myself to report it...

In case you are interested to install Linux in any of the eMMc or SD devices, you can download the relevant image of those and burn it to a SD or flash it to your eMMC.
You also can partition your eMMC to have more than one Linux in it.
Have a look at my post here ... 2553&extra=page%3D1  (#4 & #7 replies) which explained how you can install multiple OS (Linux,BusyBox) on your eMMC.

In same post, you can also download the lates version of Lubuntu 16.04 LTS for both eMMc or SD if you like to use our versions.

Hope it helps...

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