Banana Pi Pro wifi not working

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I'm seeing AP6210 module is crashing and wlan interface is not seen most of time. Some times system hangs while booting or shutdown.
Is this HW issue or SW ? I'm using instructions from and using Ubuntu image.
I suggest you to reinstall the OS again, If doesn't work well, it maybe HW problem.

I tried two fresh cards it saw same problem. Replacing board.
Has anyone else used pro wifi ? What is throughput in mbps?

Have you connected the antenna to BananaPro?

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I got another board and wifi is working.
Can someone provide working hostapd binaries to put wifi in AP mode ?
Following are observations:
1.      Putting ap6210 in /etc/modules does not loaddriver after boot. I suppose purpose of this script is to load modules atstartup.
2.      I have to put command to bring up module in aseparate startup script / run manually
3.      After starting hostapd service I canconnected a device to wifi but there is error (failed to create interfacemon.wlan1 operation not supported)

you need to load this module with parameter op_mode=2 if you want to activate AP mode.

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I'm doing in same way, putting module in op_mode=2 and then starting hostapd.
I see issue with steps mentioned in lemaker wiki,

1. git clone does not work, it times out
2. hostapd from apt-get has issues
3. using lower version 1.0 from ubuntu backup is not working  (see ... hotspot-access.html)

It will help users if lemaker provides working hostapd in os images


Get Xenial, built today, Vanilla is recommended for server & light desktop.

Hostapd working out of the box, latest stable version.

OK thanks I'll check

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