Ubuntu Mate For Guitar, VLC does not work

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Just tried Ubuntu Mate For Guitar on my Guitar and needed to use VLC to stream a webcam, but VLC does not start.

Leamker, do you have a reason why this does not run with the default image ?

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Could you provide more information of your test method to me  ? I can help to test it on the Ubuntu Mate.

Evidence that Lemaker software for video is sh*t:
Keep in mind this was done on
  1. Linux 12458 Lemaker Guitar 3.10.94 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Apr 25 02:49:45 PDT 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux
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When you install the OMX lib form here, you will find that OMX installs fine. The included test example "owlplayer" compiles fine. But until this point, things starts to start failing. This happened when I tried a test video which can be found here: Big Buck Bunny
This was the error dump:
  1. 12458@12458 Lemaker Guitar:/home/owlplayer$ ./owlplayer /home/12458/Desktop/bbb_sunflower_1080p_60fps_normal.mp4
  2. dec:   fileName:/home/12458/Desktop/bbb_sunflower_1080p_60fps_normal.mp4
  3. dec: open /home/12458/Desktop/bbb_sunflower_1080p_60fps_normal.mp4
  4. dec:   nb_streams: 3
  5. dec:   video: h264
  6. dec:   audio: mp3
  7. dec:   audio: ac3
  8. dec:   duration: 634.566650 s
  9. warning: OpenMax::COpenMax 72

  10. warning: OpenMax::load 24

  11. warning: OpenMax::COpenMax 82

  12. warning: OWLVideo::Open width =1920,height =1080

  13. warning: OWLVideo::Open CodecType =0x7

  14. Thread COWLVideo startwarning: OWLVideo::OnStartup

  15. warning: OpenMax::Initialize 177

  16. OMX-Out of OMX_Init, initialized = 1
  17. warning: OpenMax::Initialize 186

  18. xxxxx al_libc initopen /dev/ion failed!
  19. D pid = 2898
  20. OMX-low_ram:false
  21. OMX-Out of OMX_GetHandle
  22. warning: OpenMax::Initialize -198

  23. warning: OWLVideo::SetComponentRole set standard component role video_decoder.avc

  24. warning: found a match.
  25. warning: def.eDomain == OMX_PortDomainVideo
  26. warning: video_def nFrameWidth =1920 nFrameHeight =1088 eColorFormat=21
  27. warning: rect.nLeft =0 rect.nTop =0 rect.nright=1919 rect.nBottom=1079
  28. warning: OWLVideo::AllocOMXInputBuffers - iport(0), nBufferCountMin(2), nBufferCountActual(4), nBufferSize(3145728)

  29. OMX-In omx_videodec_component_MessageHandler,messageType is 0,messageParam is 2
  30. fd[-1] ioctl c0144900 failed with code -1: Bad file descriptor
  31. E actal_malloc_wt: ion_alloc(size: 3149824)  failed(-9)!

  32. fd[-1] ioctl c0144900 failed with code -1: Bad file descriptor
  33. E actal_malloc_wt: ion_alloc(size: 3149824)  failed(-9)!

  34. fd[-1] ioctl c0144900 failed with code -1: Bad file descriptor
  35. E actal_malloc_wt: ion_alloc(size: 3149824)  failed(-9)!

  36. fd[-1] ioctl c0144900 failed with code -1: Bad file descriptor
  37. E actal_malloc_wt: ion_alloc(size: 3149824)  failed(-9)!

  38. warning: OWLVideo::AllocOMXOutputBuffers (1) - oport(1), nFrameWidth(1920), nFrameHeight(1088), nStride(780), nBufferCountMin(4),  nBufferCountActual(10), nBufferSize(3655680)

  39. warning: OWLVideo::AllocOMXOutputBuffers i ==0 m_decoded_width =1920 m_decoded_height =1080

  40. fd[-1] ioctl c0144900 failed with code -1: Bad file descriptor
  41. E actal_malloc_wt: ion_alloc(size: 3657728)  failed(-9)!

  42. OMX-Out of omx_videodec_component_AllocateBuffer for component 0x495f0 with err -2147479552
  43. error  :  OWLVideo::AllocOMXOutputBuffers OMX_AllocateBuffer failed with omx_err(0x80001000)

  44. warning: COpenMax::DecoderEventHandler - hComponent(0x0x495f0), eEvent(0x1), nData1(0x8000101c), nData2(0x0), pEventData(0x(nil))

  45. warning: COWLVideo::DecoderEventHandler out

  46. warning: COpenMax::OnEventHandler - hComponent(0x0x495f0), eEvent(0x1), nData1(0x8000101c), nData2(0x0), pEventData(0x(nil))

  47. warning: OMX_EventError(0x8000101c, 0)
  48. Segmentation fault
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This doesn't end here. It also crashes VLC. Before installing the OMX lib, the test video played fine in VLC but stopped a lot due to the lack of hardware decoding. After installing the OMX lib, the VLC player started crashing whenever a file was played.
Error Dump:
  1. 12458@12458 Lemaker Guitar:~/Desktop/omx$ vlc
  2. VLC media player 2.2.4 Weatherwax (revision 2.2.3-37-g888b7e89)
  3. [000238f8] core libvlc: Running vlc with the default interface. Use 'cvlc' to use vlc without interface.
  4. OMX-Out of OMX_Init, initialized = 1
  5. OMX-Out of OMX_ComponentNameEnum
  6. OMX-Out of OMX_GetRolesOfComponent
  7. OMX-Out of OMX_GetRolesOfComponent
  8. OMX-Out of OMX_ComponentNameEnum
  9. OMX-Out of OMX_GetRolesOfComponent
  10. OMX-Out of OMX_GetRolesOfComponent
  11. OMX-Out of OMX_ComponentNameEnum
  12. OMX-Out of OMX_GetRolesOfComponent
  13. OMX-Out of OMX_GetRolesOfComponent
  14. OMX-Out of OMX_ComponentNameEnum
  15. OMX-Out of OMX_GetRolesOfComponent
  16. OMX-Out of OMX_GetRolesOfComponent
  17. OMX-Out of OMX_ComponentNameEnum
  18. OMX-Out of OMX_GetRolesOfComponent
  19. OMX-Out of OMX_GetRolesOfComponent
  20. OMX-Out of OMX_ComponentNameEnum
  21. OMX-Out of OMX_GetRolesOfComponent
  22. OMX-Out of OMX_GetRolesOfComponent
  23. OMX-Out of OMX_ComponentNameEnum
  24. xxxxx al_libc initopen /dev/ion failed!
  25. D pid = 2670
  26. OMX-low_ram:false
  27. OMX-Out of OMX_GetHandle
  28. OMX-In compMessageHandlerFunction Destructor has been called. So exit from the loop
  29. OMX-destroynode list head:0xab25c348
  30. OMX-In OMX_GetHandle for 574, dlerror = libOMX.Action.Video.Decoder.Deinterlace.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  31. *** Error in `vlc': double free or corruption (out): 0xab24d778 ***
  32. Aborted
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The only way you can play video with hardware decoding, is to use Kodi. This is very limiting in many cases. Also the LeMedia software come with its own package of bugs.

The current solution is to try to avoid any boards based on Actions Semi. and buy a SBC with a decent sized community.( Raspberry Pi )

I also have a problem of my VLC player. I don't know why my VLC cannot play MP4 file. I though it was broken so i downloaded this software as you can see http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/repair-mp4-file.html to repair mp4 file. Although the MP4 can be played again after the conversion, but the graphics got much more blurred. I did not change the resolution. Why?

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