Banana Pi turned off by itself

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i have a problem with my banana pi.
sometimes it goes off. no led´s are on. no screen over hdmi... nothing...
no network connections (ping, ftp, vftps, samba, webserver)

it occurs after a few minutes after power on sometimes... sometimes after a few days...
Power On and Reset Button doesnt restart the banana pi. just the red led turned on for a few seconds...
But it doesnt restart.

I must disconnect and reconnect the powersupply to fix the problem.

i cant see any problems in the log files....
its weird...

whats the problem ?

Yes, It is a strange problem!

You may have a look on the stability of the power supply : the PMU will shutdown if the voltage is too low.

maybe, the problem is the power supply. i put the banana pi from bedroom in the livinigroom and connected it via hdmi with my tv.
At this time the server runs proberly the whole time.
I will change the power supply if the error still once occurs...

Have you found any problem?

It has to do something with the power input, probably not stable enough. We advise you to use a 5V 2A adapter.

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