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Snappy Ubuntu 16 For LeMaker Guitar

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Edited by hnsncxy at Jun 14, 2016 06:06

Hello, everyone
We just ported the snappy ubuntu 16 beta to the LeMaker Guitar with the ubuntu official help, but, keep in mind that it is the beta version.  If you are interested in the Snappy Ubuntu, and you can download it at http://mirror.lemaker.org/Snappy_Ubuntu_16_For_Guitar_SD_Beta2.7z (username/passwd: ubuntu/ubuntu) and burn it to SD card. For more information abou the Snappy Ubuntu, and you can visit the ubuntu website at https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/

We have provided patch to the new branch on the linux-actions and u-boot-actions repository for Snappy Ubuntu system, hope this help others.

Note: if there is a valid system image on the Emmc, and you have better update to the v1604 version (eg: Lemuntu v1604/ android v1604 etc) before running the Snappy Ubuntu.


Good sharing ...

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