pyLoad permission problems

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Hallo Forum,

i have setup the pyload-Downloadmanager on my Banana Pro using bananian os. so far its working (i can access web-ui).

But i have some problems updating pyload. In the Logs i can see, that pyLoad is not able to delete some packages during the update process. It's giving back Errno13: permission denied. I have read that this is normally cased by problems in rights. The pyload deamon is started by the user "admin" (which replaces the precreated user) in a cronjob. This user is also the owner of the folders in which the files, that could not be deleted, are located.

I have tried to start the cronjob via root (using 'sudo cronjob -e' and insert the comand there) but after this i cannot access the web-ui.
I'm pretty sure that it's not a pyload-Problem but a general problem (missunderstanding) by the user-rights management, but i have no idea how to solve it. You may notice i'm pretty new in linux ;-)

best regards from germany,

Maybe you can switch to the root user.

@ john.wen:
Can you explain it a little?
As i tried to explain, i tried to start the deamon as root user using "sudo crontab -e" instead of just "crontab -e".
I don't know at which point i should change to root.

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