LeMaker Forum veryyyy slowww

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I think the amount of request and the page size isn't that bad, but it takes forever to load / post on your forum ..
I used Pingdom to do a test from Sweden. I'm also living in Europe (The Netherlands), so the results are simular.
The web page took 13.94 secondsto load, used 69 requests, and weighed in at 743.7 kB.
Check the results: http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/bcHu0v/http://forum.lemaker.org/

Please take this serieus, every post I hopen I need to wait half a minute to get the page loaded. Every click I do / reply / edit ...

Other websites were I did perform a speed test are:

Are your servers not over-loaded? Swapping to disk or something? Do you consider to place a server in another country (Amsterdam / New york / ..)?
Is your website optimalized and the server settings as well (Apache / Nginx)?

Maybe you need more servers and a load-balancer.

Kind regards,
Melroy van den Berg

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The loading for me is quite fast, no complaint on my side, so there is no point for me to vote. But the community is seriously weak compare to raspberry pi forum.

I hope things getting better.

It loads faster if you have Firefox webbrowser with:
  • https://adblockplus.org
  • in the Add-ons, look for Plugins section, in there for "shockwave flash" set this to 'ask for activation' (something like this).

Since I have those blockers active, it runs better, still not fast.

I will complain also. It was so hard to change my profile pic!
Because of flash plugins, which are pretty outdated.

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