Banana pi pro issue with web services using wifi

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I'm using nginx and tomact to host a web service on pi pro. But with pro as access point using built in wifi, nginx reverse proxy to tomcat is not working correctly. Reason could be wifi module does not load at boot, even afer putting it in/etc/modules

entry in/etc/module is :  ap6210 op_mode=2

So tosummarize,

1. WiFi module does not load if it's put in /etc/modules
2. I need to put command to make it up and then start hostapd after boot is complete
3. Due delay in interface to become up, nginx does not work properly
4. If I kill nginx and restart still reverse proxy does not work
5. If i use Ethernet interface and external wifi as AP then everything works properly with same nginx setting that did not worked with built in wifi.

Finally it worked. I needed to restart hostapd after bringing up wlan, then restart nginx and tomcat.

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great article.

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