[Play Docker]How to build up an DLNA server

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How to build up an DLNA server

1. DLNA Introuction

DNLA, Digital Living Network Alliance, is a communication protocol between PC, mobie devices and consumer electronics. DLNA was formulated by Sony, Intel, Microsoft and so on. Its aim is to "enjoy music, photos and videos on the go."

2. Install Docker

Please refer 《How to install docker on the Lemuntu》 to learn how to install docker. In this article, we will teach you how to install docker on Lemuntu.

3. Build up a DLNA server

Step 1: Install debian image on docker

Type the bellow command to search debian image
  1. docker search debian
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Type the bellow command to install debian image
  1. docker pull armbuild/debian
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Step 2: Build up minidlna server

Run debian image in docker
  1. sudo docker run -t -i -p 8200:8200 armbuild/debian /bin/bash
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-p 8200:8200 represents that DLNA server's 8200 port is mapped to the host's 8200 port.

Install minidlna
  1. sudo apt-get upgrade
  2. sudo apt-get update
  3. sudo apt-get install minidlna
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Configure ninidlna,edit /etc/minilna.conf
  1. ……
  2. # If you want to restrict a media_dir to a specific content type, you can
  3. # prepend the directory name with a letter representing the type (A, P or V),
  4. # followed by a comma, as so:
  5. #   * "A" for audio    (eg. media_dir=A,/var/lib/minidlna/music)
  6. #   * "P" for pictures (eg. media_dir=P,/var/lib/minidlna/pictures)
  7. #   * "V" for video    (eg. media_dir=V,/var/lib/minidlna/videos)
  8. media_dir=A,/var/lib/minidlna/music
  9. media_dir=P,/var/lib/minidlna/pictures
  10. media_dir=V,/var/lib/minidlna/videos

  11. # Path to the directory that should hold the database and album art cache.
  12. db_dir=/var/cache/minidlna
  13. ……
  14. # IPv4 address to listen on (e.g.
  15. # If omitted, the mask defaults to 24. The IPs are added to those determined
  16. # from the network_interface option above.
  17. # This option can be specified more than once.
  18. #listening_ip=

  19. # Port number for HTTP traffic (descriptions, SOAP, media transfer).
  20. # This option is mandatory (or it must be specified on the command-line using
  21. # "-p").
  22. port=8200
  23. ……
  24. # Name that the DLNA server presents to clients.
  25. # Defaults to "hostname: username".
  26. friendly_name=LeMaker-DLNA
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Create meida files
  1. mkdir -p /var/lib/minidlna/music
  2. mkdir -p /var/lib/minidlna/pictures
  3. mkdir -p /var/lib/minidlna/videos
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Start minidlna,and set minidlna to start when start the OS
  1. sudo service minidlna force-reload
  2. sudo update-rc.d minidlna defaults
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Type the bellow command to list minidlna server
  1. sudo service --status-all | grep minidlna
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Step 3: Use DLNA server

After install minidlna server, we can use PC web browser to list multimedia resources. Assume that the host(LeMaker Guitar)'s IP is

We also can play the video files on mobile phone.Open the web browser and input:

4. Save a docker image
When we successfully build up a DLNA server, If we want to migrate the DLNA server to other device and don't need to rebuild up again. We can use the bellow command to make docker image.
  1. sudo docker commit 614122c0aabb armbuild/debian-minidlna
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As to 614122c0aabb, we can use "docker ps -l" to get the container ID.

Good sharing

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Just a quick note...
"Docker Images" command does not list the "container-id" which is needed to save the image.It give you the "Image ID" which does not help you to save the image. (image-1)

To grab the container-id we should use command " docker ps -a" (image-2)

Or, if you run the "docker run ..." command, you can see the container ID in prompt. (image-3)



sghazagh replied at Jun 19, 2016 16:43
Thank you,
Just a quick note...
"Docker Images" command does not list the "container-id" which is n ...

Yes, you are right, Thank you!

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