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Hi all,
I used to have cloned the kernel source 4.4.0 from Linaro GIT for LeMaker HiKey but today I tried to rebase the GIT to get the latest remote update and the board does not work anymore. I think somethink is wrong with device tree changes.

Any one knows what is the latest working kernel source branch for LeMaker HiKey?

I tried main one located at "" but it unfortunatly does not work.
The kernel compiles fine but the board stuck at boot.

Please share the GIT branch for kernel source which you were successfull to load the board!

Many thanks

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Hi sghazagh:
    The lastest kernel source is at     As to how to build an OS image, you can refer to

You  can try the latest RPB for HiKey, it is v1606, and include the bootloader,  kernel and user space.

Hi Tony,
Thanks for your reply.
I don't know what was wrong with my GIT but have re-based everything from the scratch and all are good now.
However, I am using my own Ubuntu 16.04 LTS  rootfs.I am not using the Desktop as I use HiKey as a Server.
However, last time I had issue with GPU as Mali 450 driver was not working properly. Lightdm was crashing and didn't let X11 loads.

Does it fixed in kernel 4.4.0 our need to apply any patches to fix that? Does it need any furtur steps to add Mali Driver on top or it's already implemented in Kernel source?

I do not know the details about the fix about the RBP 1606, you can see here: ... -Platform/

You can see the Highlights and Known Issues.


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