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I recently discovered LeMaker Guitar and decided that it would suit my project, but as I'm not sure about requirements of my future project I decided that I want to buy the 2GB version, but I can't find it anywhere. On Lenovator website there is only 1GB version, other distributors mentiones the 2GB but I couldn't find any. Was it ever in production? Or maybe it willl be.

And the second question, will LMk Guitar be available for purchase alone? Or it will be always sold as a Kit LMk Guitar + baseboard.

Hello Newbie,

        LeMaker can provide you 2GB version Guitar,and you can purchase LMK Guitar coreboard alone.

Thanks for quick reply John!
Can you point to me where do I need to write to get a quote for 2GB version?

Or if i missed that one of distributors sells them, where to look for it?

Thank you for all the help in advance.

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I consulted LeMaker, there has no 2G version for sale now. And how many pcs you want to purchase?

For now first setting things up and developing my own host board I think one would do.

In future I would need to check wether 1GB wouldn't do.

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