Hiding boot messages on Bananian 16.04

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I have a little problem. I'd like to hide all boot messages on the console.

I know this has been asked a gazillion times but none of the solutioins work for me, mainly because there is no cmdline.txt in /boot and if I create one, it doesn't make one iota of a difference to the console output when I restart the Banana Pi.

ANywhere I look, people talk about cmdline.txt, even when I look for Debian Jessie, which the current Bananian is based on.

Am I missing something? Have things changed dramatically since all those other solutions were posted?

What I do have in /boot is the kernel itself "vmlinuz-3.4.111-bananian", then there is "" and then there is "config-3.4.111-bananian". the latter is a editable text file and contains the bits others change to get a silent startup going but again, any changes made in there make no difference whatsoever to the bootup screen. Furthermore, the file actually states that it is a generated file and shouldn't be edited.

So, can somebody point me to where to look to get this sorted? Ideally, I'd just display a logo until the logon prompt.

Thanks heaps in advance

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