Some Bugs in Version 3.1.1

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Hi there,
yesterday I installed Lubuntu for Banana Pi V 3.1.1 and unfortunately found some bugs:

- bananapi user is not in sudo group and root password is not set.
So no way to switch to root.
(only possible way to mount sd card on pc and change group file, then boot banana pi and change root password after sudo)

- WiringPi is missing now. 2 Version before wiringPi came with the image.
(and original source can be compiled after installing make and gcc, but does not work. returns wrong board state)

- w1 kernel modules not working.
I cannot load the kernel modules w1-gpio and w1-therm. modprobe w1-gpio or modprobe w1-therm doesn't throw an error, but modules are not loaded.

In addition I have a question: Which PIN should I use for onewire devices, the same as on raspberry pi (GPIO 4/PIN 7)?


Best Regards
Hi Andre,

Regarding your first item: I think I could log in as "bananapi" and then "su -" to root... The root password is "bananapi" as well.


I did not put bananapi into sudoers for purpose. But the root password is set to "bananapi".

For w1 driver, it has been add into kernel, not in modules. You only need change your script.bin file.

For wiringPi, I will push it into github in these two days.

Hi all,
thanks for the help.
Adding w1-para to script.bin did work.
tony_zhang: could you please paste here the link to the github wiringPi project, when you have uploaded it.
Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,

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I will do

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