Pad Firmware Modify Tool Use Guide

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    Pad Firmware  Modify Tool  is a tool used to directly modify the firmware file. The user can according to the requirements of the firmware file such as: basic information, USB information, resource modification, built-in APK, advanced settings options, such as the modification of the project, At the same time can be preset to the factory data into the tablet, which is a clone of the small machine is the data.img to read the PC, when the firmware insert data.img insert the original firmware to generate a new firmware.
     Use_Guide link:https://github.com/LeMaker/docum ... aker_guitar/english                                       
     Tool link:https://github.com/LeMaker/documentation/tree/master/lemaker_guitar

The running interface is as follows:We can modify some of the default configuration

Including boot animation, desktop background

Can modify the rotation angle of the screen and the name of the device and changes the other resource.

Interesting, thanks!

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