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Hi all,

I am trying to speed up the boot time of my bananian image since a couple of days now.
Since I just want my BananaPi PRO to show a picture after or even during boot (e.g. with fbi) I neither need any desktop environment nor detection of network or input devices like USB or whatever.

What I've done so far:
  • I edited the inittab
  • removed unused and not wanted packages
  • bought a class 10 micro sd card (80 MB/sec read) - could have been a bottleneck right here
  • I edited the network/interfaces

But the Pi still boots for approx 40-50 secs.
Do you guys know any other tweaks, images, bare linux distros which I could use to reduce the boot time from almost a minute to 10 - 20secs?

Any help is appreciated!


concering the right SDcard, have done some tests ?
If you are looking for suitable SDcard, see here users did many tests

About speed up of the headless device.
I would try also with and if this is still to slow for you, you  probably also have to make adjustments in the DeviceTree.

In this thread they switch off as much as possible to reduce power consumption, could also help for boot process with some ideas.

Let us know how you progress

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R/W speed claimed by manufacturer is only achievable under their lab conditions (e.g., sequential / large file transfer), not very useful for hosting an operating system.

Apart from SSD, you may try a SLC sd card.
In my experience it's at least twice as fast as an MLC one (the "consumer type" for digi cams etc), with far better writing endurance.

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