Hostapd version for Bpi-R1

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Hi everyone, I'm trying to setup my R1 as a wireless access point. I'm running Bananian 16.04 with 3.4.112 kernel.

I used hostapd-rtl from the repos in the past and it kinda worked: no clients could connect after a day or so and the service had to be restarted.

I have seen people recommending a lot of hostapd versions on various threads, for example igorpecovnok's github, jenssegers' github or compiling realtek's version.

I would like to know which hostapd has worked for you guys and you recommend.

Ty in advance <3

With Bananian I had never luck.
The last working I had with ...

I am just troubleshooting with armbian now, looks like it didn't work since v5.10 until current v5.14.
Igor told me, that if you compile an image from source - the current github, it should work again.

In general, this RealTek chip and /or its driver is of bad quality. So it will never be stable.

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