OTG Port in Bananian 16.04 and Linux Kernel 4.4.14-bananian

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I am using a Banana Pi with Bananian 16.04. While I could use the OTG-Port as another USB-Host with the pre-installed kernel 3.4.11,1 it is no longer working after I switched to latest kernel 4.4.14-bananian.

I tried to modify the device tree, but I had no success.

Is this a known issue of the latest kernel? Or can someone point me to the information how to enable OTG-Port as USB-Host with kernel 4.4.14-bananian?

Thank you in advance!

Yes, of course. Hardware configuration of OTG-port via bananian-config works well with the pre-installed Linux Kernel 3.4.111. But this feature is no longer available after you upgrade to 4.4.14.

From the dmesg log, it seems that the OTG USB port is detected/available in SW. But when I connect a device is is not powered from the USB port.

It seems, that I have to play around with the device tree configuration...

I understand hununu

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