kernel sources of lubuntu 3.1.1 release?

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I wanted to install a Debian Wheezy on Banana Pi and had trouble with the self-brewed kernel (following instructions on, kernel 3.4.90), but I got into trouble that the ethernet port (driver?) was not working as expected. Config according to ifconfig was fine, but it could not communicate with any peer (DHCP, ping, etc).

When I installed the Lubuntu 3.1.1 release ethernet worked fine. So I just copied uImage and modules from that release into my Wheezy installation and then it worked.

I tried creating a kernel on my own using the .config file of the Lubuntu 3.1.1, but it behaved as before, although "base" kernel version 3.4.90 was same for both.

Therefore I wanted to get the kernel sources you used for building the 3.4.90 kernel of Lubuntu 3.1.1. Could you please point me to them?


Please use the kernel modified by LeMaker.

Thanks! In the meantime I have found it also in the WIKI: ... Building_the_kernel .

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