Camera module (OV5640) using motion

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I got the Lemaker camera module using the modules ov5640 and sun4i_csi0 running, nevertheless a problem remains and I think this may be a bug within the driver:

When using a resolution within motion of i.e. 1280x960 (it does not really matter, any "higher" resolution will be qualified to demonstrate the problem) the banana pro board is simply not able to perform motion detection using a framerate of 15 or 30 frames - this would of course not be required and I could perfectly life with a framerate of 2 (standard for motion) and a livestream framerate of 1 - but now to the problem, and this does not happen when using an USB camera instead of the lemaker camera module:

When a framerate below the framerate delivered by the driver is configured within motion, then using dmesg there are frequently error messages "[CSI_ERR]No active queue to serve" generated... theoretically this would still be not a real problem, but at a certain point (after a few seconds running motion, in best case after 2 minutes) this behaviour leads to a "mix" of old frames and new frames. It is hard to describe, but imagine like this: new frames are definitely presented to motion, but nevertheless, an old frame is also supplied regulary... so if you are in front of the camera when motion starts and you leave then the visible area, on the livestream of motion you will see frames where you are still on the image as well as frames where you have already left the visible area.

Had anyone else such a strage behaviour and are there any solutions to it? Thanks in advance and best regards

i am just at the same problem.
using BPI standard/old board with ov5640 cam on csi0  and motion.
once motion is detected it hangs in a loop of showing the sequence of the detected motion .
only escape is to restart that thread.
sometimes also hangs in current and one old picture within a second.
cam resolution at 640x480 and seeing lots of noise and brightness fluctuations.

not so, if you view the cam via mplayer tv:// ! there evrything is fine.

Motions of the camera about the module from the little and the larger from the all pixels make the good results while photography. Running motions of the camera by the essayhave lens need all the having frames for the instead resolution.

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