Custom Guitar Base and Parallel RGB

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I am thinking of using the Guitar for my next project which would be to create a different base board for it. I noticed that it has a switch that allows you to switch between (Parallel) RGB, LVDS, and MIPI. I also noticed that the Guitar Base board(s) you provide only use LVDS. If I connect the appropriate pins to a 24-bit Parallel RGB port on my custom base, will I be able to use RGB screens with the Guitar literally with a flip of a switch? Do the drivers allow me to use RGB? Do I need to configure them in some way to allow for Parallel RGB screens?
I looked at the Android sources and while you did add a graphics driver stack, I haven't had much luck in finding information about the RGB interface in the code (although GPU driver code is a bit more complex then I can completely understand so I may have missed it.) There also doesn't seem to be any documentation on device tree bindings for the GPU driver in either the Linux or Android sources. If I can't use the Parallel RGB interface then the Guitar will not work for my project so any help you can provide will influence my decision to buy. I know you guys have done some great work with the Banana Pi Pro so it would be a pity if the Guitar doesn't work for my project.
I emailed lemaker about this problem and they said, "you don't need to care about the switch when design the base board (for Parallel RGB)." It should be noted that the pins for LCD_D13 and LCD_D14 are pins J1-184 and J1-182 on the Guitar Module respectively.

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