Bananapi M1: Power regulator meltdown!

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I connected a Huawei G3 Modem to the USB-Port and because of the high current of this device it doesn´t work.
So I used the USB Y-Cable wich belongs to the modem and connected one side to the Bananapi and the other one directly to the power supply.
This was a bad idea, because the BananaPi was powered throught the USB-Device now, it was not connected over "DC-IN"
After a few seconds the Board was smoking! The Power Regulator "U14" on the Backside was damaged and the Board is dead now!
I tried to find out, what kind of regualtor is used, but in the Schematic of the Board I can´t find U14 (probably a regulator for 5V?)
Could someone help, to find out the type or the pinout? U14 is at the bottom right, it is really small, has 6 Pins and is marked with "LE4H8".

Is it possible, to "reanimate" the BananaPi with another Regulator with the same Voltage??

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Yes, according to schematics it is a step up 5V regulator (page 12): ... =34492&fromuid=1602

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