LVDS LeMaker 5" LCD with Kernel 4.x

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Hi Guys,

does anyone of you have activated LCD in u-boot and DeviceTree in Kernel 4.x?
Background is. I was using Bananian till V 16.x. Switched to armbian with Kernel 4.x. Now Kernel isn't using fex - file anymore. So I aksed in armbian forum and got the hint that fex files are no longer supported and I have to activate LCD in u-boot and Devicetree.
I need some support or tutorials.
Would be glad about any hint.
Sry, only info available is for fex file
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You may convert the FEX file to a DTS one.
I found at least this one : but I didn't test it yet.

Please keep us updated.

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Hi destroyedlolo,

thanks for reply. I'll begin to test it now and keep you up to date.
I also found some links about changing config for the u-boot to use lcd ...

But at the moment, I ain't got a clue wich of these thousands of configs in the source I have to use.

Read us soon.

I opended a thread at armbians forum.
You also can follow my way to find a solution here: ... -u-boot-kernel-472/

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So, now I can tell you how to enable LCD in u-boot and DT.

First getting the source of armbian from
Open the file sources/u-boot/v2016.09/configs/Bananapi_defconfig and add:
  1. CONFIG_VIDEO_LCD_MODE="x:800,y:480,depth:24,pclk_khz:30000,le:40,ri:40,up:29,lo:13,hs:48,vs:3,sync:3,vmode:0"
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Now LCD is enabled in u-boot. But it will not switch on backlight, because backlight uses pwm and pwm is disabled per default in DT. So you also have to add in your DTS:
  1. &pwm {
  2.       pinctrl-names = "default";
  3.       pinctrl-0 = <&pwm0_pins_a>, <&pwm1_pins_a>;
  4.       status = "okay";
  5. };
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But be aware, LCD only turns on if there is no HDMI Monitor plugged in!!

Ok, hopping some one else of you can use this stuff.


Nice job on finding this info Martin!

Going down the same road myself and there is next to no info. I need to run a non-LeMaker LVDS display, so can you post some links on what the different params stand for?

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