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Raspbian audio via HDMI problem

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hi i'm having problem with audio on raspbian (newest available on http://www.banana-pi.org/) i cant force it to output audio on hdmi everything i tried there is only audio on stereo jack  can anyone help ? oh and when i run alsamixer i can see hdmi- audio device but it's written "this sound device does not have any controls", so i dont know am i doing something wrong or... thanks and srry for crappy english
Use Armbian. HDMI audio works by default, so do the video acceleration.

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thanks for your response, i would but i have to run something like screenly on it and screenly is not working on armbian at least i had no success trying maybe you know some alternatives to screenly? i need to control it over lan

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Armbian Debian with legacy kernel is very much the same except it has more polished and featured kernel with less bugs. And it's still updating ... I will try to install if I find a time ...

You can try this to enable HDMI audio:

http://forum.armbian.com/index.p ... -start-alsa/?p=8849

thanks so much do i have to add these lines because i saw simlar post and i couldnt find these only simlar was there . maybe tomorow i will have time to play with banana pi and i will try again with armbian again thanks

oh and which version i should use legacy/vanillia server/desktop

i used vanillia server but now i remembered that screenly uses desktop enviroment so i will try with desktop

First try is legacy desktop ... this should work while vanilla is based on modern kernel, where HDMI audio driver might not exists yet. If you need that, stick to Legacy (3.4.112)

ok i will try and report maybe not today but definitly this weekend

it's not working installation complete but it shows fail , i will try tommorow more combinations

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