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XBMC vs. NextCloud

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Right now I am successfully running NextCloud 10 on Bananian, using Nginx as webserver. I would like to use my Banana Pi as a media server as well to watch movies via the HDMI output. I tried to install the XBMC version from the repository, but that version keeps on crashing.

Then I downloaded the XBMC image provided by LeMaker, wrote it onto a second sdcard and startet the Banana. To my surprise, that version runs smoothly and without crashes. I tried to find differences between the two versions of XBMC, but after a fiew hours I gave up.

My question now is this: will  Nginx and NextCloud work on the Linux version that the XBMC-image provides? Are there any traps that need to be avoided?

it's probably hard to guess, you will figure it out if you will try you cant lose anything except time

Well, my question was aiming more towards this direction: is the XBMC image just another Linux system, that happens to include a specialized version of XBMC/Kodi and maybe some special kernel code and modules, but that will behave like normal Bananian otherwise, or is it a special operating system that doesn't have any repository and that doesn't accept third party software?

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