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[solved] Raspbian not loading

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Edited by Tido at Sep 08, 2016 08:35

I have followed the instruction to create the SD Card for Raspbian.

However, it did not load after connecting the power.  

What are the troubleshooting steps that I should take?

btw, I am able to get the same Banana Pi to run the Android ... so I guess my setup procedure and the other equipment (monitor, cables, etc.) are in good condition.

Furthermore, I have also successfully to run Bananian on the same Banana Pi, however, one thing I noticed is that it did not verbose during loading .... it will just "suddenly" pop-up with login prompts.


Sometimes SD cards work for one distro and not another.
Perhaps you can try with another memory card...

I downloaded the Raspbian Jessie from another source and was able to boot up the Banana Pi.

Problem solved.

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