GPIO: which pins can be used and which can not be used?

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Most probably this is a stupid question, but how many of the 26 pins on the GPIO connector can be used to light LEDs or to minitor switches?

I know that there are 12 pins, named GPIO-0 to GPIO-11 that are usable, but for a project I could use more then 12 switches / LEDs. What about the other pins? Can they be programmed to be used for that purpose as well?

Here the GPIO pinout and how to setup the pins: ... to-experiment-with/

I know these pictures, and I know what "io-0", "io-1" etc mean, but I don't know what to make of markings like "sclk" or "cso". My question was aiming at if these  pins should not be touched at all, or if they can be reprogrammed so that they can be used for simple tasks described above. Because, if they can't and there are only 12 pins available to my, I will have to reconsider my project and I will have come up with another plan.

So, could you please break your answer down a bit more gently to a noob like me, please? Thank you.

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