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dosbox + raspbian + banana pi

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Hi, I'm beginner with Banana PI with Raspbian installed and came from Windows, want to have banana for browsing, playing videos and old games and REALLY WANT TO DO AS MANY THINGS AS POSSIBLE IN "WINDOWED MODE", DON'T WANT TO WRITE ON COMMANDS (I had to anyway). After several solved problems (for example not working applications after upgrading of system - so, guys - don't upgrade if you want to play games - they won't work) I have some unsolved:
1) The most important: I managed to install and run DOSBOX, launched Dune2 on it quite easily. But dos applications seem not to be able to write to disc and crash instead. The question is why? Has it something to do with linux rigths for directory with dos software or with linux rights for DosBox? Is there any chance to change rights in order to solve problem? Is there any chance to solve problem without the need of writting down commands? Is there some windowed file manager able to do it using some right mouse click/preferences/check somenthing? Something like "run as an administrator" in Windows?
2) Is there any browser, where Youtube videos will really work? Discussions are full of something, but the answer seems to be NO. Please give me simple answer. Answer with two pages of commands isn't simple answer...
3) Support for 3D - drivers OpenGL or whatever? Possible or not? Discussions are full of something, but answer seems to be NO. Please give me simple answer. Answer with two pages of commands isn't simple answer....


1. no idea
2. not from browser. there are some 3rd party players that support playing Youtube video with acceleration support
3. there is a support for 3d but it's not called OpenGL but http://linux-sunxi.org/Mali400

No idea if any of this features works on Raspbian.

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Ad 1) Problem partially solved. Now I launch Dosbox from terminal with sudo dosbox. But still want to just click on dosbox icon and run it as sudo/root. Can I set this using some other file managers |(like Dolphin)?
Ad 2) Which 3-rd party softwares?
Ad 3) No news.

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