usb dac audio as primary audio interface

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another news...

  1. alsa_aplay -D default:FXAUDIODACX6 /storage/sdcard/Shot1.wav
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- successfully play sound via my USB dac fxaudio.

now i guess, what i need delete default sound card from the system.
alsa_aplay -L list 2 default cards, but system built-in card have first-priority
  1. 127|root@guitar:/storage/sdcard # alsa_aplay -L
  2. null
  3.     Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture)
  4. default:CARD=atm7059link
  5.     atm7059_link,
  6.     Default Audio Device
  7. default:CARD=FXAUDIODACX6
  8.     FX-AUDIO-DAC-X6, USB Audio
  9.     Default Audio Device
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but how ??

For over half a year no one could help me.
I made a very big project on the lemaker guitar and I still can not finish it, because i need sound output via usb-audio.

At least someone can tell me a timelaps to solve this problem??? Or give a answer that the problem they will not fix?

Ok. I Solved problem with usb audio route.


Now, if i play any sound - it's play in slow-motion! What can i do to fix whats problem ???

Dear Developers - help me.

Please help. i still can't to get it work.

Hello guys!

i maked my carpc project several months ago.
USB-sound still not working on android.

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