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Hi there,

Is anyone know how to sleep, shutdown and reboot the LeMaker Guitar using a command line on Android?

This is a nice app, works just with a click: ... lications.quickboot

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If you want to develop an application yourself, you need to access the shell to issue a command.
For doing that and for doing what you are looking for, you normally need ROOT access to your device.
You should grab the standard input of the SU process just launched and write down the command there, otherwise you are running the commands with the current UID.
Try something like this:
  1. try{
  2.     Process su = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("su");
  3. .
  4. .
  5. .
  6.     su.waitFor();
  7. }catch(IOException e){
  8.     throw new Exception(e);
  9. }catch(InterruptedException e){
  10.     throw new Exception(e);
  11. }
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If you want, you can use this library available in GITHUB: "" to access to ROOT from your app.
That's from Chainfire and you can add it to your gradle file:

  1. dependencies {
  2.     compile 'eu.chainfire:libsuperuser:1.0.0.+'
  3. }
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See the samples in their GIT and see how you can access shell by this library. Then you can issue any command you would like from you app.

For example, you can use AsyncTask and do it in background:
  1. suAvailable = Shell.SU.available();
  2. if (suAvailable) {
  3. suVersion = Shell.SU.version(false);
  4. suVersionInternal = Shell.SU.version(true);
  5. suResult = String[] {
  6. "su -c 'svc power reboot recovery'  "              //Ex. Reboot to Recovery, Tested on Android 5.0 and 6.0.1
  7. });
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If not, and only need an application, then try the one 'actkk200' is recommended. There are couple of others which you can find in Google Play Store too.

Hope it helps

busybox reboot -p

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