Android V1606 Update Issues

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Has anyone had issues being able to install the latest version of Android V1606?
Edited by KevinRoach at Oct 02, 2016 20:04

How about Kodi? I have tried installing Kodi and touch screen doesn't work and Android V1606 doesn't work! What the freak? This has got to be the worst SBC site for support! I wish when i bought this board I would have got the Odroid! I have spent hours setting here trying to get the new Android installed and working and nothing.

Does anybody verify the updates and make sure they work?

You guys in support need to get off your butt and support the board instead of building other crap your not going to support!

Waht's problem with your installation?
For Android installation: ... nto_eMMC_NAND_Flash

If you need touch screen work, you need select suitable image. We have 7inch or 10.1inch image for Android download.
Also we have upload the different hw_pack for different display device on github: ... ster/lemaker_guitar

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