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Fedora 24 AARCH64 and GPIO Compatibility

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Hello Team,

Was wondering if Fedora 24 using the AARCH64 tree is supported on the HiKey ? I am also very interest in finding out if the GPIO is pin compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 shields and hats ? Thanks.


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Hi ,
The board itself is AARCH64 architecture so it supports the 64bit distributions.
I have done that for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64bit and except the issue which it has with Graphic and X Server on Kernel and Driver side, the OS itself loaded fine.
I didn't care as I use it as server so the graphic wasn't my choice.

The X server problem mostly is for Mali driver whichi s not opensource and Linaro hasn't been provided solution for having driver loaded for other distributions rather than Debian that they use for their image.
By the way, hope it get improved in near future...

For GPIO, look at the specification and documentation of HiKey and find the GPIO pinout schematic. I don't remember exactly if it's same or different than Raspberry Pi 3. But to be hounest, why it should be exactly same! Use it as what it is to suit your project needs. Numbering on GPIOs should't stop you working with them....

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